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Encourage Children to Save

Encouraging children to save is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. Start when they’re young, so it will become a lifelong habit. TFCU’s SaveAbles Kids Club, for children under 18 (geared to age 13 and younger), is designed to teach them about money and saving while they’re young. Continue reading

Facebook Fraud Warning

You would never respond to a fraudster who sent you mail, called you on the phone or sent you an email. Don’t fall for it on social media, either. Continue reading

Choosing a Financial Advisor

A financial planner is a professional advisor who can help you set financial goals and who can write and implement an objective and comprehensive plan to manage all aspects of your financial picture, including investing, retirement planning, estate planning, and protection planning. Continue reading

Reminder: BillPay Not An Option for Paying Taxes

Certain payees, such as tax entities, are not included in the BillPay options on Home Branch because those payments cannot be guaranteed. Please do not schedule a tax payment through the Home Branch system. We would not want you to experience the inconvenience of the payment being rejected. Continue reading