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5 Ways to Avoid Contractor Scams

Every year, many homes and commercial buildings are damaged by severe storms. This can lead to property owners falling victim to unlicensed, uninsured, inexperienced contractors and outright scammers who come to prey on the vulnerable. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud has examined the worst contractor scams property owners may face and has developed ways to avoid them. Here are some of those ways. Continue reading

Volunteers Elected During Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was a great success this year. Three candidates nominated by the Nominating and Elections Committee were elected to the TFCU Board of Directors. TFCU members elected the three volunteer incumbents by vote of acclamation. The three re-elected board members are Tiffany Broiles, Al Rich and Gary Wall. Continue reading

TFCU Is Here to Help

Following the storms on May 6, 2015, that caused wind and tornado damage in Bridge Creek, Norman, Oklahoma City and surrounding areas, TFCU has reinstated its Disaster Relief Loan. This program was created to help members cover incidental expenses for personal needs and insurance deductibles resulting from a disaster situation. Continue reading

Using Your MoneyPlus Card at Wal-Mart

Starting Saturday, our Member Service Center has received an unusually high call volume reporting issues using MoneyPlus cards for purchases with cash back at Wal-Mart. Some members report the screen is defaulting to a “credit” transaction that cannot provide cash back. If you experience this issue, please check the screen for the option to change your transaction type to “debit.” Continue reading