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Don’t Let a New Online Sweetheart Swindle You Out of Cash

Many adults have turned to online dating sites to find love, especially with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Unfortunately, not everyone using dating sites is looking for romance; some are looking for money, your money. Continue reading

Things to Consider When Shopping for a Credit Card

Are you shopping around for a credit card? Here are few things you should consider before making a final decision. Continue reading

What You Should Know About Digital Wallets

A digital or virtual wallet is essentially an app that enables you to make mobile payments from your smartphone. A digital wallet allows you to store the information from credit and debit cards in one convenient place. You can easily make purchases and payments with a swipe of your finger. Continue reading

Committee Nominates Two for Volunteer Positions

The Nominating and Elections Committee has nominated two candidates for TFCU’s Board of Directors. Sheila Jones and Rodney Walker have both been nominated for the Board of Directors. Continue reading