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TFCU Upgrading ATMs for EMV Chip Cards

Over the next month, we will be upgrading all TFCU ATMs to read the more secure EMV chip cards. Once the ATM you are using has been upgraded, you will insert and remove your card initially. Then, if you are using a chip card, you will be asked to insert your card and leave it in the ATM until the transaction is complete. Once you are done, the machine will beep, a green light in the card slot will flash and the on-screen prompt will indicate you can remove your card. Continue reading

TFCU Volunteer Board Nominees

This fall, the Nominating and Elections Committee will nominate one candidate from TFCU’s membership for each open position on the Board of Directors. Those nominees will be announced in the January 2017 issue of Money’s Worth. Continue reading

Text Message Phishing Alert

TFCU has been notified of a phishing text-message scam that targets our members, and the members of other financial institutions. The text message tells them to contact a fake member service line in order to "resolve" the issue. If you have already provided your personal information or ever get a message that makes you uncomfortable, please call us immediately at (405) 732-0324 or toll free at 1-800-456-4828. Continue reading

New email phishing scam targets mobile phone game users

Whether you have kids or you are a nostalgic kid of the ‘90s, you have probably heard about the latest mobile gaming craze, Pokemon Go. While the app allows you to catch virtual monsters in the real world, new scams are helping fraudsters catch your personal information, as well. Continue reading