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2019 Graduation Gift Guide

Picture of a navy blue graduation cap with a yellow tassle on the vibrant green grass.

Whether the graduates on your list are leaving high school, college or trade school before heading off to the working world, you don’t want to be in the audience empty-handed on their big day. The best gifts don’t have to be tricky or expensive. Here...

Choctaw Express Closure

On Thursday, April 25, 2019, TFCU’s Choctaw Express located inside the Choctaw Plaza will permanently close. Members will still be able to utilize the ATM that sits in the parking lot. We understand the impact this will have on members who use the Choctaw Express....

Planting Your Family’s Giving Tree

One of the great joys of wealth is having the opportunity to better the world around you with generosity. And, what better way of expressing those values to your family than by encouraging them to get involved in charitable endeavors? Engaging the next generation can...