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Member Appreciation Day at Frontier City, September 8

2019 TFCU Member Appreciation Day at Frontier City

TFCU will have a Member Appreciation Day on Sunday, September 8, at Frontier City amusement park. Tickets will be available Thursday, August 8 at all full-service TFCU branches, through Saturday, September 8 and are non-refundable....

Five ways to keep your accounts cyber-safe

Close up of a woman's hands as she's holding a smartphone with lock and shield icons hovering on top.

1. Password security Every account deserves a unique password that is eight characters or longer and is a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters and symbols. Try to create a sequence that makes it easy for you to remember, but not easy to guess. Remember...

Magic Minute

Win a magical shopping spree magic minute

You’ve seen it on TV, right? Someone racing down aisles, grabbing items right and left, throwing them into a cart, trying to beat the clock. And you may have wondered how it might feel to be that person. Well, maybe it’s time to find out....