Military Rewards Program

TFCU’s Military Rewards is another way for us to give back to those who are actively serving in the US military. This program can save you money, offer convenient services and help you better manage your finances. For those actively serving, it can be added to any TFCU account for free.

Military Rewards Benefits:

A program specifically for members who are on active duty, Military Rewards offers a benefits package that is hard to beat:

TFCU’s Military Support:

Because of TFCU’s history with the military, we strive to assist our members in every possible way. Not only do we have branches on two military bases, TFCU has a hand in a variety of programs that support those who have dedicated their lives to serve our country.

  • Five Oklahoma base branch locations

Tinker Air Force Base:

Area A/Bldg 420
Area C-1/Bldg. 3001 Post Y-92
Area C-2/Bldg. 3001 Post Y-32
TAC/Bldg. 9001 Post A-45

Vance Air Force Base:

234 Fields Street

  • On-base financial education seminars and one-on-one financial counseling at any TAFB location
  • Toll-free access to our Member Service Center via phone, webchat and secured email access for those deployed, plus extended hours: M-F 0600-2000 CST, Sat 0800-1200 CST.
  • Combined Federal Campaign participant
  • Organizing sponsor for Operation Warmheart Golf Tournament that benefits military members and their families during times of crisis
  • Volunteer Center at our Area A branch that is available for TAFB organizations to use without charge

First-Time Buyer Auto/Motorcycle Loan

For those active duty members who have never purchased a vehicle or motorcycle, TFCU offers the First-Time Buyer Auto/Motorcycle Loan. This is a way for members with little or no credit history to get in the driver’s seat while building their credit.

This loan option is available to any active military member who has never had an auto or motorcycle loan in his/her name, including co-signing. To find out more about the First Time Buyer Auto/Motorcycle Loan, visit a TFCU branch near you or call us at (405) 732-0324 or 1-800-456-4828.

Get Started Today!

To add TFCU’s Military Rewards to your current account, visit a TFCU branch near you or call us at (405) 732-0324 or 1-800-456-4828 and a member service representative will gladly sign you up.