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Virtual Financial Education Workshops

The TFCU Financial Empowerment team is here for you!

Since 2008, our team has been actively presenting free, in-person financial education workshops throughout the state of Oklahoma, and we are happy to now offer virtual workshops! Our workshops help adults and youth learn the importance of good money management skills. All workshops are approximately 45-60 minutes in length with topics ranging from how to set a budget to financial resources for life stages and events. Whether you’re receiving your first paycheck, buying a car or want to know more about how to protect yourself from identity theft––we’ve got you covered. To schedule a virtual workshop for your school, business or organization, email or call (405) 319-2089, today!

You can find all of our workshops listed below.

Workshops Designed for Students and Kids
teenage girl shopping for jeans, contemplating between two differently priced items

Economic Reasoning

The choices you make today can often affect how much money you will have in the future. Students will use the PACED model of decision making to learn about basic personal finance concepts like choices, trade-off, opportunity cost and more. Using school prom as a scenario, they will discover the benefits of evaluating and analyzing alternatives before making a choice. (This workshop is an introduction to the Personal Finance Literacy Passport required of all High School graduates in Oklahoma.)

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Young female adult frustrated at bills

How to Adult – Real World Financial Decisions

All too often students don’t have the perspective necessary to understand the difficult financial decisions adults have to make. This workshop will pair students together and teach them the basics of household budgeting and decision making. They will receive a profile that includes information about a career, income and deduction information, debt and children. The students then have to make decisions about needs and wants, including housing, transportation, food, childcare, entertainment and more. Through the presentation and activity, they will learn how to create a family budget, and also how their decisions impact their ability to live the life they want.

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Young girl using a credit card for shopping

The Karma of Credit

Credit is surrounded by a lot of myths and misunderstandings. In this interactive workshop, students will pretend to be loan officer and have to decide if an applicant qualifies for a loan. They will learn about evaluating credit reports and credit scores and what factors can affect a person’s financial reputation. This exercise will help them understand what they’ll need to borrow money for a car or home or to get a credit card.

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Teenage boy saving money for college in piggy bank

Personal Finance For Young Adults

The earlier you make a financial plan, the better your future will be. Young adults will learn how to obtain and use credit wisely, create a positive credit history and score, develop a budget, track spending, understand their student loan repayment options and save effectively for common upcoming expenses.

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Young adult male with frustrated expression at gambling table

Risky Business

Gambling can be exciting, challenging and disappointing! This workshop will give students an understanding of the risk and potential costs of gambling. They will experience the thrill and disappointment of playing a game of chance and will learn about managing risk and determining possible outcomes based on probability. Students will also learn to evaluate the benefits of gambling to individuals and society. (This workshop covers the 12th Standard of the Personal Finance Literacy Passport required of all High School graduates in Oklahoma.)

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Young teen working at a cafe

Earning Your Money

If you are ready to start earning money, learn how to find sources of income now, and how to work towards higher paying or more fulfilling work in the future.  We’ll also cover how to understand your first paycheck and what to do with it.

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Workshops Designed for Adults
Young couple smiling in front of their home they just bought man holding keys

Becoming a Homeowner

Homeownership starts well before the contracts are signed—preparation is one of the keys to a smooth home buying process. This session covers all major pre-purchase topics such as budgeting, the down payment, credit reports, debt-to-income ratios, and the mortgage lending process.

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Couple at auto dealership buying a new sedan

Car Buying

Many decisions go into purchasing a car. Should you buy new or used? Should you buy or lease? Is zero percent financing or taking the rebate better? Learn how to make the best car shopping and financing decisions based on your particular financial situation, credit rating and goals.

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Parents smiling and congratulating daughter on her graduation from college

College Financing for Parents

Rising college tuition costs continue to outpace inflation. However, through a combination of long-term savings and an understanding of financial aid opportunities, learn how to make continuing education for your kids -or yourself–a reality.

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Person using credit card for online purchase

Credit Card Makeover: Getting Out of Debt

Most consumers use credit regularly – in some cases, perhaps too regularly. While credit can be a great financial tool, if it is used unwisely, it can be disastrous. Examine the wisest uses of credit, warning signs of credit trouble and the options available for getting out of debt and reconstructing existing credit to its greatest advantage.

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Smiling college student girl

Federal vs. Private Student Loans

This workshop explains key differences between federal and private student loans, and compares eligibility, interest rates, repayment plans and more. Participants will learn how to choose the option that best suits their needs.

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Chinese restaurant owner smiling in his dining room

Finances for Small Business Owners

Entrepreneurship is stronger than ever. This session covers all the financial aspects of starting and running a small business. Topics include: types of legal entity structures, writing a business plan, bookkeeping, paying taxes, and everything in-between.

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Older gentleman using tablet to check on his finances

Financially Savvy Seniors

Retirement can be a great time for seniors ifthey are prepared financially. Attendees will learn about specific retirement concerns such as managing money, Medicare, Social Security, improving cash flow, insurance, investing, estate planning, and more.

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Hacker using computer to steal identities

ID Theft Happens, Now What?

Security breaches and scams are ever-growing and will continue as technology advances. Protect yourself by learning common identity theft practices, tools for preventing identity theft and specific steps for victims of these kinds of crimes to take in order to minimize damage.

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Young family with a baby

Finances for New Families

Getting married. Having kids. These are natural progressions in life for many, but also present new financial situations and decisions to make immediately, and for the long term. This session will help you discover, prioritize, and design a workable plan for your family’s goals and lifestyle.

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Young man creating a monthly budget

Make the Most of Your Money

Identify goals, learn how to design realistic spending and savings plans, and discover some options available for getting out of debt.

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Female using credit card for online shopping

Maximizing Credit

How is credit scored? Why does my credit matter? Learn what steps to take for obtaining credit, using it wisely and the impact money management has on your future credit standing.

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New Year Resolution Reminder

Money Smart Resolutions

The beginning of the year is a great time to set smart financial goals. This workshop shows you how to use your net worth, emergency savings, consumer debt and 401K contributions as a benchmark, so you can set realistic goals and measure your progress in these areas throughout the year.

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Young adults working on a budget together

Planning for Money Milestones

There are many important financial milestones for consumers in their 20s and 30s. To help prepare today’s “Millennials” for a positive financial future—without sacrificing fun—we take a realistic approach to managing finances. We’ll cover SMART goals, getting financially organized, building a budget, controlling expenses, wiping out debt, and much more!

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Young redhead adult female with laptop and credit card considering an online purchase

Psychology of Money

Each person has a money personality that influences their spending and saving decisions. Learn how to recognize negative financial habits and attitudes and change them into productive ones.

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Young couple working to balance budget after a financial crisis

Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis

A job loss, a medical crisis, or other hardship can send a normal financial situation into a tailspin. Participants will learn how to get their finances back on track, including budgeting, repaying debt, rebuilding credit, establishing emergency savings, and replenishing retirement savings.

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Young African American female in graduation cap and gown smiling and holding college diploma

Repaying Student Loans

Student loans can put a heavy burden on monthly finances, sometimes rivaling the cost ofa mortgage. These days there are many options to help repay these loans. This session will teach attendees about the choices available.

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Woman Worrying Looking at her laptop

Financial First Aid

A financial crisis can throw even the best money management plan into chaos. This session focuses on ways to gain control of a crisis. Participants will learn about financial assessments, expense prioritization, and effective negotiation with creditors.

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Young children using laptops and tablets supervised by adult

Safeguarding Kids’ Identity and Online Privacy

Today’s youth generation is tech-savvy and connected online. However, parents still play an important role in helping them avoid online hazards such as identity theft, privacy and cyber-bullying. This workshop covers important issues including online privacy tips, managing computer settings, smartphone apps, and positive online behavior.

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Man placing change into a piggy bank

Saving & Investing for the Future

Find out what tools are available for saving and investing, and what combinations of investments are best suited for your individual needs.

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Family gathered together celebrating the holidays

Stress-Free Holiday Season on a Budget

Enjoy the holidays instead of stressing about them. Learn how to set a holiday budget and stick to it, how to avoid the year-end credit crunch and what to do now to avoid getting into debt in the future.

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Person planning for personal financial success

Ten Steps to Financial Success

We all measure financial success differently, but all paths to get there require discipline and goals. This session teaches participants ways to financial control—including developing a spending plan, creating objectives, weighing insurance needs, and other tools that will help get on the road to personal financial success.

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Adult female caring for older adult mother

The Sandwich Generation- Caring For Aging Parents

The Sandwich Generation is positioned in the middle. They care for aging parents while supporting their own children. In this workshop, participants will learn how to manage their parents’ medical, legal and financial needs, while ensuring they stay financially prepared for their kids’ future.

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Hands exchanging a credit card for a purchase

Using Credit Cards Wisely

A credit card can be a valuable financial tool. However, before racking up big charges on multiple cards, participants should learn smart ways to handle their credit cards and take a disciplined approach.

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Mother holding young daughter and teaching her about money and placing change in a piggy bank

Women and Money

Whether it’s having children, career advancement, divorcing, or becoming a widow, there are certain pivotal times in women’s lives that can occur. This session addresses special considerations for budgeting, credit, and insurance.

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Close up of a hand typing on a calculator

30 Ways to Trim Your Budget

Stretching your budget is a necessary step to achieving your financial goals. Learn smart ways to save on the things that impact your finances most, such as food health care, insurance and more.

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Retirement planning on a notebook with a pen and calculator

Retirement Planning: The Basics

Retirement is something most people look forward to, but may not have planned well in advance. Participants will learn how to harness the power of time, optimize investments to reach their long-term goals, and understand how the economy and taxes can impact their retirement dollars.

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