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TFCU can provide you with tools you need to manage your money and improve your quality of life. And for employers, this type of education can improve the company’s bottom line as well. Studies show that people who have a good hold on their personal finances exhibit better stability, morale, loyalty and productivity.

To schedule a workshop for your business or organization, please email financialeducationdept@tinkerfcu.org or call (405) 319-2089.

Financial Empowerment Workshops

Core 4: Psychology of Money – Each person has a money personality that influences their spending and saving decisions. Learn how to recognize negative financial habits and attitudes and change them into productive ones. (This workshop is one of the four elements of the Core 4 financial education program.)

Core 4: Making the Most of Your Money – Identify goals, learn how to design realistic spending and savings plans, and different options available for getting out of debt. (This workshop is one of the four elements of the Core 4 financial education program.)

Core 4: Being Wise About Credit – How is credit scored? Why does my credit matter? Learn what steps to take for obtaining credit, using it wisely and the impact money management has on your future credit standing. (This workshop is one of the four elements of the Core 4 financial education program.)

Core 4: On the Road to Saving & Investing – Find out what tools are available for saving and investing, and what combinations of investments are best suited for your individual needs. (This workshop is one of the four elements of the Core 4 financial education program.)

College Financing for Parents – Rising college tuition costs continue to outpace inflation. However, through a combination of long-term savings and an understanding of financial aid opportunities, learn how to make continuing education for your kids — or yourself — a reality.

Identity Theft – Security breaches and scams are ever-growing and will continue as technology advances. Protect yourself by learning common identity theft practices, tools for preventing identity theft and specific steps for victims of these kinds of crimes to take in order to minimize damage.

Car Buying – Many decisions go into purchasing a car. New vs. used. Buy vs. lease. Zero percent financing vs. rebate. Learn how to make the best car shopping and financing decisions based on your particular financial situation, credit rating and goals.

Breezing Through the Holidays – Enjoy the holidays instead of stressing about them. Learn how to set a holiday budget and stick to it, how to avoid the year-end credit crunch and what to do now to avoid getting into debt in the future

Plastic Surgery: Get Out of Credit Card Debt – Most consumers use credit regularly – in some cases, perhaps too regularly. While credit can be a great financial tool, if it is used unwisely, it can be disastrous. Examine the wisest uses of credit, warning signs of credit trouble, and the options available for getting out of debt and reconstructing existing credit to its greatest advantage.

Money Smart Resolutions – The beginning of the year is a great time to set smart financial goals. This work- shop encourages the measurement of net worth, emergency savings, consumer debt, and 401K contributions as a bench-mark, so realistic goals can be set and progress in these areas measured throughout the year.

Additional workshops can be tailored for your employees’ financial needs. 


Workshops Designed for Students and Kids

Personal Finance for College Students – The earlier you make a financial plan, the better your future will be. Young adults will learn how to obtain and use credit wisely, create a positive credit history and score, develop a budget, track spending, know their student loan repayment options, and save effectively for common upcoming expenses.

Other workshops for students and kids are Mad City Money, Credit Case Studies, Economic Reasoning and Risky Business.

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