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TFCU’s Internet connection to your accounts, makes accessing your finances online safe, easy and convenient. You will still be able to use your current account number (User ID) and password and access it from Check your balances in your pajamas, transfer money at 2 a.m., or even print your checking account history from your laptop. Home Branch is a no-fee service from TFCU.

And, while you are on the go, Home Branch app, puts your account within reach on your mobile phone.

Home Branch Frequently Asked Questions

Home Branch Features You’ll Love

  • You are able to reset your own password and change your address.
  • You are able to “nickname” accounts to make them easier to identify.
  • You can personalize your “Quick Links” list to more easily navigate your most visited Home Branch links.
  • You have the option to change your User ID from your account number to one you choose.
  • There are more electronic payees in BillPay, so many of your payments will be received faster.
  • You are able to fund new accounts using PayPal.
  • You can more easily manage your finances by downloading your account information into Quicken, and Microsoft Money and Excel.

Features You Know

  • Check balances
  • Set up electronic account alerts
  • Monitor checks and electronic transactions
  • Make TFCU loan payments
  • Get a check mailed to you
  • Make advances against your line of credit or HELOC
  • Transfer money to another member or another institution
  • Pay credit card account information
  • Print unlimited account histories
  • Make a BillPay payment

Access to Home Branch is Easy

Log in to Home Branch using your account number (or User ID) and you will be prompted for a password. If this is your first log in to Home Branch, you will be asked to set up a personal picture and authentication questions.

As always, TFCU recommends that you choose an alpha-numeric upper- and lower-case password with special characters and a minimum of eight characters for added security. A random series of characters is also more secure than using names or numbers that would be easy to guess, such as a family member’s name, birth date, address or phone number. You do not have to change your current password. These are simply guidelines for choosing a secure password. Your current PIN will still be used for Command Center.

We recommend disabling your pop-up blocker when you use Home Branch. If you do not disable your pop-up blocker, several Home Branch features may be unavailable to you.

To use Home Branch, you must use one of the two most recent versions of the following Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari

More Options. More Power. More Security.

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