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Article – Shopping and Saving Money

How to Say No To Your Kids

Parenting is a difficult job, and one of the hardest parts is figuring out how to say no to your kids, especially during the holiday season. You want your kids to be happy and to give them everything, but sometimes...

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Tips to Save On Your Electric Bill

With the rising cost of energy, summer is a time when your electric bill can skyrocket. Here are a few energy saving tips to keep those costs down in the following months....

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Recover From the Holidays

The excitement and cheer of the holidays can quickly transition to “buyers remorse” when January rolls around. Unplanned expenses, higher credit card balances and not being sure how to tackle the additional debt can be a stressful beginning to your...

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Five Things You Can Negotiate To Save Money

There are times when negotiating seems like a no-brainer, such as when you are shopping for a house or car. But, did you know you can deal on many other products and services, as well? Here are five things to...

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