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National Volunteer Week

Young girl holding a cardboard sign that says "thank you" and smiling with people in the background.

National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to celebrate the impact of volunteer service and the power of volunteers who come together to tackle tough challenges and build stronger, more resilient communities. Did you know our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are comprised of volunteers? These...

Volunteers Elected During 2019 Annual Shareholders’ Meeting

TFCU CEO Mike Kloiber speaking from stage at 2018 Annual Meeting with volunteer board sitting in the background.

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting was a great success this year. Two candidates nominated by the Nominating and Elections Committee were elected to the TFCU Board of Directors. TFCU members elected the two volunteer incumbents by vote of acclamation. The two re-elected board members are Sheila...

Conquering College Costs

A young woman sitting in a cafe with her laptop and book and booking a stack of sticky-notes.

Ahh, spring. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and college acceptance letters are arriving. If you’ve been applying to colleges, you’ll likely notice a surge of mail at your house. From financial aid to scholarships to loans, there’s a lot of information out...