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OKC Family Wins ‘The 2019 TFCU Great Auto Loan Payoff’

The Mars Family, winners of The 2019 TFCU Great Auto Loan Payoff, holding "We Won" signs.

When the Mars family of Oklahoma City heard they won TFCU’s first ever Great Auto Loan Payoff, feelings of disbelief were quickly followed by total joy. After purchasing a car in January of this year, the family had $29,216.83 remaining on the loan in September—that...

Reviewing Your Beneficiary Designations

An older man and younger woman are using a digital tablet

A beneficiary designation review is an important part of your financial plan. You have probably heard situations in which the “wrong” person inherited money intended for someone else. More often than not, this happens because the owner of the accounts failed to update his or her...

Tips to increase your chances of getting a job interview

Shot oTwo young businessmen shaking hands in a modern office

According to an article from Marketing News, you can improve your odds of getting an interview by paying more attention to what recruiters are seeking. Be prepared Take advantage of popular job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn. Always have your cover letter and resume ready to go...