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VISA® Classic

VISA Purchase Alerts help keep your card secure

Sign up and start enjoying more protection and peace of mind with your TFCU VISA debit or credit card.

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TFCU’s VISA Classic lets you choose a very low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) with a small annual fee, or a slightly higher APR with no annual fee. Plus, you earn a CURewards point for every dollar (in qualifying purchases, minus returns) you charge. Variable interest rates are subject to change quarterly. With either option, our APR is hard to beat!

VISA Classic credit cards offer:

Additional Features

CURewards Program

CU Rewards logoEarn reward points for every dollar in qualifying purchases, minus returns, you charge to your TFCU Visa card. Choose from high-end electronics, quality housewares, airline tickets and exciting travel opportunities. | Learn more about CURewards Program

Auto Rental Insurance

24-hour coverage of most rental vehicles for damage due to collision or theft.

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