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SMS Text Message Alert User Guide


41411 – SMS Text Message short code number

TFCU B – View Balances

TFCU H – View History (five most recent transactions for ALL accounts)

TFCU H S0001 – View History for a specific account, with “S0001” being your specific account ID

TFCU XFER S0001 S0004 75.00 – Transfer funds from one account to another, with “S0001” being the transferring account, “S0004” being the account that you are transferring to and “$75.00” being the amount you are transferring.

HELP – View a list of SMS commands.

TFCU QUIT – Deactivate your mobile device so you can no longer access Home Branch Mobile (although you will still be enrolled in the Internet Browser version).

Note: Commands are not case sensitive. For example, you can use “TFCU B” or “tfcu b” to view balances.  

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