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Life’s Surprises

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Getting married, your first home,
retirement, and everything in between
We help you every step of the way.

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TFCU is there for you
through all life's stages.

Each new stage of life brings a new set of challenges.

Life sometimes throws you a curve ball that requires quick action. Maybe you’re out of a job or suddenly separating from a spouse. Or, you are caring for aging parents or coping with the death of a family member. Natural disasters, identity theft or serious illness are other sad realities of life. Whatever “life surprise” you might have to deal with at some point, a little pre-planning and knowing the right resources can make the process a little less daunting.

Latest Articles


Identity Theft Toolkit

Instead of worrying yourself silly over identity theft, focus your energy on learning about how it happens, how to prevent it and how to recover from it should you need to. This toolkit is offered through TFCU’s partnership with the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.

Access the BALANCE Identity Theft Toolkit >

Unemployment Toolkit

Losing your job can through your entire life in a tempest. It can feel like there are so many different variables swirling around you: income, bills, insurance, finding a job, etc. Learn how to navigate life’s rocky shores with this toolkit offered through the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program.

Access the BALANCE Unemployment Toolkit >

Surviving a Financial Crisis Toolkit

Have you lost your job or had your hours cut? Are you worried about paying your mortgage? If so, you are not alone. The following articles provide information to help you survive financial crisis.

Access the BALANCE Surviving a Financial Crisis Toolkit >

Financial Security After Divorce Toolkit

The end of a marriage is the beginning of an entirely new set of financial circumstances. There are undoubtedly going to be several areas of your financial life that will require your attention. These articles provided by the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program can help.

Access the BALANCE Financial Security After Divorce Toolkit >

Caring for Your Aging Parent

Caring for a parent is one of the hardest things to do, but it can be even more difficult if the right plans aren’t put in place and family members aren’t aware of the plans. Wills, trusts, annuities, bills, long-term care and estate planning are just a few of the areas to address with your parents before they need help to ensure their plans are executed according to their wishes.

Helpful Links:

  • Eldercare Locator (Department of Health and Human Services) http://www.eldercare.gov/Eldercare.NET/Public/Index.aspx
  • National Center on Elder Abuse 
  • Elder Abuse – Fraud and Financial Abuse https://www.ncjrs.gov/elderabuse/financial.html
  • Older Americans Act (Title III) programs (Oklahoma Department of Human Services)
  • Aging Services (Oklahoma Department of Human Services)
  • AgingCare: Money and Legal
Access the BALANCE Surviving a Financial Crisis Toolkit >

Death of a Loved One

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Buying a home can be one of life’s biggest steps

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• Home Loan Rates
• Buying Your Home Guide
• Home Buying Coach
• Apply for a Home Loan

Balance Background Mom and Daughter with iPad

Free financial resources through BALANCE Financial Fitness Program

You can access free and confidential financial counseling and online resources through TFCU’s relationship with BALANCE.

Access BALANCE Financial Fitness
CUNA Background Family Gardening

Expert financial advice through CUNA’s free Resource Center

The CUNA Resource Center has financial tips and advice for anything ranging from teaching kids to saving for retirement.

Access Financial Resource Center
CUNA Background Family Gardening

Personalized financial coaching to fit your needs and situation

Find the financial coaching program that best fits your needs and enjoy one-on-one assistance with topics ranging from budgeting, credit report review and car buying to purchasing your first home or preventing foreclosure.

Find a Financial Coach
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