TinkerFCU.org is the Official Web Site of Tinker Federal Credit Union

An Internet scam, Web site spoofing, seeks to convince you to give up personal information about your online accounts. The scammers lure you with a legitimate-sounding e-mail message to a spoofed Web site, called a microsite, that is convincingly similar in appearance to your actual financial institution’s Web site. Then, you are asked for your name, account number, password, and other personal details.

We have had no reports of any TFCU members receiving such an e-mail. However, to avoid becoming a victim of this e-scam:

Be wary of e-mail messages telling you there is a problem with your account. TFCU will contact you by phone or postal mail if there is a problem.

Don’t follow links to TFCU’s Web site if they’re sent in unsolicited e-mail messages. Type the address yourself.

Call TFCU to report any suspicious e-mail or phone inquiries.

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