Home and Investment Property Loans

When you find your perfect home or want to refinance, our Mortgage Lending Department will help you finance your loan with either a fixed or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM).

Long-Term Mortgage Loans

These types of mortgages are available with fixed or adjustable rates. TFCU will finance up to 95 percent of the current appraised value of the residence or purchase price, whichever is less. Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is required if financing is over 80 percent. | Apply Now

Mobile Home Loans

Fixed rate loans are available for the purchase of mobile homes, less than ten years old. TFCU will finance up to 80 percent of sale price for a new mobile home and 80 percent of the purchase price or 90 percent of the NADA loan value for a used mobile home, whichever is less, for a maximum of 10 years. |  Learn more

Investment (Rental) Property Loans

These types of loans are available for purchases or refinances with fixed rates and a maximum term of 30 years. TFCU will finance up to 70 percent of the purchase price or appraised value (whichever is less) and 70 percent of the appraised value on a refinance.

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